About Lykes

A young brand LYKES is based on a long tradition of producing and selling seating solutions to offices, hotels, restaurant, bar, nightclub, lounge, café, patio, country club, college dormitory, assisted living facility or other business or institutional use where quality, durability and pricing are paramount.

Our core expertise lies in manufacturing and marketing an extremely innovative and cost effective chair in all segments, with a motto of not compromising on quality, and bonding with customers by understanding their needs and trying to fulfill their requirements to the best.

​The warmth of luxury sitting with a feeling is our key

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Office: 1/21, New Timber Yard layout Road, Off Mysore Road, 58 Bus stop, Bangalore- 560026

Factory: 42/42A, New Timber Yard Layout, 1st Main Road, Off Mysore Road, Near 58 Bus Stop, Bangalore- 560026


Phone: 9740084987